About Us

In 2020 Vestro began its journey in becoming the leading supplier of packaging items. With operations in the Middle East, Asia and the UK, we endeavour to supply premium quality products with distinct heritage. Through committed partnerships and dedication, we aim to deliver an unmatched service. Our staff are experienced, well trained and highly knowledgeable in the manufacturing process, and hence have a clear understanding of individual requirements.
Vestro is your ideal manufacturing partner. Through our vast scope of expertise and world class operation facilities, we guarantee to supply products that are of the best quality. Our partner factories are well built and accredited ISO9001, with tough quality management systems in place. Our aim and emphasis has always been on integrity, quality, punctuality and value for money.

Customer Focus

We want to evolve your brand and ours. Our customers are the core of our business and we have dedicated account managers to ensure your needs are met in a timely, cost effective way.

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We are transparent and honest. We pride ourselves in being up front and delivering the best results and keep our clients informed at every stage


To protect, sustain, and set standards for the market to follow.


To achieve excellence in quality, innovation and service by offering eco-friendly products.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading supplier of packaging items.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Vestro we are continuously developing methods to reduce our carbon footprint. We ensure that we comply with our obligations to the environment by recycling any scrap material. Where possible, we manufacture and promote products which include biodegradable and compostable properties. Ensuring that once disposed, your products disintegrate 95% faster than conventional products. Many of our products are made from recycled materials, and those which are not are 100% recyclable.

Our environmental and sustainable policy is constantly seeking to achieve measurable improvements in working conditions at our key sites. We strive to meet all of our performance indications for evaluating our supply chain. Sustainability issues are discussed and acted on a day to day basis. Our purchasing and design teams work closely with our supply chain to ensure ethical sourcing standards are upheld throughout the manufacturing process.