Individuals whom pick services within these institutes because their different big can be recommended to aid their principal key merely.

Individuals whom pick services within these institutes because their different big can be recommended to aid their principal key merely.

Intercampus Transmit

If you’re considering moving to UCLA from another UC campus, you must sign up for entry to UCLA and go through the very same procedure as all other pass individual.

For thought to be for entrance to UCLA, make sure that you set or have remaining your very own preceding UC grounds in close educational standing up. Most of us furthermore inspire you to definitely conclude the overall Education (GE) requirement of the UC campus we at present go to prior to deciding to convert. Should you do this, you’ll feel relieve from UCLA’s GE demand.

Tools for Send College Students


  • California’s statewide exchange website, ENABLE supplies UC shift program paperwork, chosen foremost Preparation Articulation Agreements for most Ca area educational institutions and Intersegmental standard degree send program (IGETC) program email lists.
  • Through a multi-faceted technique with endeavours with the scholar, staff and admin rates, CCCP works to improve the academic cooking and competitiveness for people school pass people, especially those who are first generation, low-income or usually underrepresented.
  • Most of us send entry reps for all Ca people universities throughout the educational season through our very own group school exchange Recruitment (CCTR) program. Your own college’s pass middle to set up a meeting.
  • STOMP try a volunteer college student planning. Its intent is always to offer outreach services that inspire and encourage college students who’re enrolled at Ca people educational institutions available the University of Ca as a practical option for move.
  • Check out just how your training try articulated from the faculty to UCLA. Go through the url saying locate an alternative study course to uncover equivalents to UCLA programs.
  • You should be aware: Transferology try a consultative software simply, and does not assure transferability. Real system transferability is actually dependent on change without notice, right at the discretion belonging to the UCLA Registrar’s Office and Undergraduate entry.
  • If you should currently have the in your thoughts, discover just one pair training you can actually go onto prepare for the important. Shift Pathways presents a very clear roadmap to prepare for your biggest and start to become well positioned to graduate in good time.
  • College students just who engage in this product is qualified after doing the respects or students application at their area college or university, which will help boost their power to send to UCLA.

Common Questions

No. transactions happen to be warned of admission in late April.

No. Transfer college students must put on a specific important. UCLA insurance policy calls for all send youngsters maintain his or her big by the point they go junior reputation. Transport individuals will be anticipated to finalize lower-division preparation training to aid their designated majors before moving.

Transfer college students must be at junior-level waiting (60-86 session homes or 90-129 fourth products) by the end of the springtime label ahead of the autumn that they are obtaining. Remember the devices always decide junior-level standing really need to be transferable.

Please be aware: UCLA will simply enable about 70 semester or 105 coin tools from transferable lower-division training to become used toward the diploma as soon as you’re accepted. Thus, exchanges with more than the 86 term or 129 one-fourth maximum amount of tools from two-year universities it’s still thought to be junior-level. UC tuition and upper-division programs from four-year schools will not be capped (at 70 session or 105 coin models). Those units can set you in danger of surpassing the highest for exchange qualification and getting senior-level.

A result of the big amount of potential candidates, we’re not able to see separately with youngsters upon consult so to assess preceding training or assistance prepare potential lessons.

Transport youngsters must maintain a significant consequently they are regarded for entry in accordance with the major-specific preparation courses accomplished. The UCLA transport entrance tips describes the main prerequisites most of us expect to end up being complete number later in contrast to spring season expression well before convert.

If you’re at this time studying at a Ca area school, possible get hold of the pass hub present or perhaps the UCLA Undergraduate entry counsellor assigned to your own college. We all likewise urge one check out ASSIST to witness which methods were transferable between your community institution and UCLA.

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