Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks

Garbage bags, also known as refuse sacks, is the most common method of hygienically collecting rubbish. Our heavy duty refuse sacks for waste disposal come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors depending on the needs of your business.
Designed with convenience in mind, our premium garbage bags, and compactors are ideal for heavy loads as they will not tear or puncture. Refuse sacks are also ideal to store your unused items whilst providing protection from dust.


Carrier Bags

We produce the highest quality vest carriers for use in grocery stores and supermarkets. These bags offer better value than any carrier bags we sell. Our bags are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable, making them ideal for both commercial and private use.


Bag for Life

A more popular option in today’s climate are our bags for life. These are made from recycled plastics. A Bag for Life is a practical reusable shopping bag that’s great for carrying heavy, bulky shopping. Because of their strength, the bags can be reused many times by shoppers whilst provides an eye-catching way to promote any business or brand. Each bag provides a huge canvas for full-color pint in bold designs and Pantone matched branding. Upon request, we can add additives to ensure the bags degrade quicker.


Hinged Sauce Cups

Our range of premium quality hinged sauce cups are microwaveable, clear, and produced from durable food grade Polypropylene PP material with an attached lid, providing consumers with a clear view of its contents. Our hinged sauce cups are leak-resistant and are durable to hold hot and cold takeaway dishes. They are also dishwasher and freezer safe. Widely used in the catering industry for serving sauce/chutney, food tasting, and placing dressings within a larger salad container.


Cling Film

Vestro all-purpose cling film dispenses neatly and quickly. It is your ideal kitchen partner, from covering dishes to wrapping awkwardly shaped food items. Our cling film can be used in the fridge, freezer, and microwave. Just be sure to pierce or fold back part of the film to allow steam to escape!


Aluminium Foil

Vestro professional aluminium foil can be used to cover baking surfaces and to wrap foods, such as meats to prevent them from losing moisture whilst cooking. Our foils are ideal for roasting and preserving more delicate foods. Kitchen foils also allow foods to be cooked more evenly, whilst ensuring that moisture and flavors are not lost! For foods which are saved for later, simply cover food in foil before freezing to prevent freezer burn. Our range of foils are perfect for commercial kitchens, work or home.


Microwave Containers

Food Storage has never been easier. Vestro’s platinum range of containers store food and seal in all the goodness. Making them ideal for restaurants and takeaways, as well as for home use. Our snap on lids means that there will be no spillages, and users will not have a difficulty in removing the lids. All of our containers are microwavable, enabling them to be reheated without the need of removing contents from the container. The durable nature of our containers enable them to be heated, frozen, and reused again, and again.


Food Wrap

Our food wrap also known as meat wrap is ideal for wrapping food, fresh meats, baklawa, sweets and other products. The micron thickness can be tailored to your requirements. Each roll is delivered in its own box. The product has high stretch and high tear resistance, consistent thickness, excellent clarity and is suitable for both hand wrapping, or with a tray over wrapper. Contains anti-fog properties to ensure presentation is not compromised


Pallet Wrap

The elasticity of the wrap provides increased security and protection to goods during haulage or storage. Our pre stretch films are stretched during the manufacturing process, and then rewinded onto rolls. This results in a lightweight film which is ideal for wrapping metal cages. Available in flush or extended cores. Coloured stretch films such as blue and green are a popular choice in the catering industry as it enables food pallets to be distinguished from other non-food pallets. If you are transporting a high value or content sensitive pallet, then our black wrap would be an apt option.